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A nice white snow had fallen and we, dogs, have enjoyed it well….

On Friday 16th November some big packing had started, maybe for a deerhound trip? But we were not going in full, Bazi, Kesinka and the daschhunds stayed at home. "It will be some boring show, although they said, that it is the last one in 2007, but we do not believe them. And why we are leaving on Friday afternoon? Maybe because of the snow, which makes roads slippery, but it is excellent for deerhound games..."



Draggi and Gina

So we were loaded around 3 pm and went to Prague. There was aunt and uncle waiting for us and they have had no dogs. So we must behave correctly to be liked. "Maybe we could make a home for some terrier puppy there. Uncle is takes pension now and he will have a lot of time for the puppy. Then, he will not be alone on cottage and garden, when aunt is in work and both of them think about some puppy." After a long time, we stopped. Hooray!!! On walk we go! There were big houses all around here. And many of locals admire us and there were much new scents among the bushes….

Slowly we went to some bighouse. It was too big, that we did not see the top! Aunt opened us, we have known her. And then she called some moving box and we were going in. Molly had different oppinion – she was not going there! But it was said: "No one goes to eleven level by foot so we were forced in." We entered the strange box and there it were up. We left it and went to the flat.

We were searching the whole flat and finding it satysfying. They put down our beds in one room. There was a couch, Swedish has not sleep on the floor. They had a dinner and we decided to behave somewhat different and stayed in our beds. Only terrier tried to get some food from them. We were so silent, that they came to see us, if we are not sick. Then we went for a evening walk, disturbed only by the strange box….

On Saturday, 17th November, we went to a show, but we stopped and the doors did not open. Owners were very angry… Some time later, Hanka decided to open the door (finally!?) and we went into a field, a beautiful idea, excepted that Hanka had white trousers, but it did not matter. We ran to the show ring, where was Bouš family and Jany. The judge, Mrs. Iveta Vojtekova from the Slovak Republic was nice and judging began around 10 am, because not only we have stopped in a „traffic jam“ as that is called.

Molly, Draggi, Randis
Photo:Anička Postniková

And then we began – first went Draggi’s sons – Dear and Douglas, Douglas won and he has been a nice boy. But Dear has been also nice and he and his owner was at their first show. Then went our champion Draggi and got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB. In young class was I, Randis, and Jany from Bouš. I was very good 2 = they said, that I am a sweet nice bitch, who needs to mature (they did not meet me outside – nice and sweet? HAHA!) Then went Molly and got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB. The owners were proud of her and I told her about clearing this issue in the field…. Douglas got the BOB.

Show was a qualifying for the Crufts 2008 and Molly and Draggi got the qualifying for this prestige show.

After the show we went to stockpile some food for winter. We bought biscuits, wraps, collars, pictures and many dog sweets and accessories. We had a original swedish can with a reindeer for dinner and it was tasty. Then we went to uncle, again there was the box called lift, we eated and went to our beds.

On Sunday morning, we went to lure coursing in Kralupy nad Vltavou. We did not trust the owners about this one (who can trust them after all? OK, if they call for eating, then… we should trust them, but not about trips). There we enjoyed hunting the bait and running along.

Molly ran for a coursing licence and finally catch the bait.


I, Randis ran with Draggi and enjoyed it as well!

Gina ran too, but when the tuft ran so quick, she went for her owner. Then she was sure, that the tuft couldn´t run away. Gina ran to the finish and catched it. She has needed a coursing partner, but she is only one cairn terrier, who runs coursing in the Czech Republic.


And for the last run, they release us all (three deerhounds) and we also catched the tuft.

After a short walk along the river we went home. And Draggi had a bath, unfortunatelly we did not ….

Written by Randis from Vobornik family.

And now I want to sleep ...