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On Saturday June 6th we went to Bratislava, but this time we went to lure coursing - Championship of Slovakia. There were Andulka and Blueberry from Svaťa Mikešová, Dermot - Draggi´s son from Olga Brandová and our three deerhounds - Molly, Randis and Draggi. And maybe first time in history were six deerhounds at start.

Draggi made sense of this deerhound´s fun in first minute, we had promised him and he was looking forward to this. Our deerhound´s girls understood us that they went to run not to show.

It was very nice day, we relaxed and had beautiful weather. Deerhounds were running and they could go without muzzle and it was better for them.

Then was publication of results what was like bonus for us.

1st place,
2nd place,
res CACT
our Randis best run from second run
3rd placeourMolly, but only half point behind Randis
4th placeDermot, Draggi´s son
5th placeourDraggi, but only one point behind his son
Andulka didn´t finished her first run. So she was running her second run only for fun.

The judge said, the deerhounds were running very good and it wasn´t easy to make placing of them.

Then we went home.