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Club show in Bratislava

On Friday August 15th we went to Club show to Bratislava with Molly, Randis and Draggi.

This show was connecting on coursing from the last week and we were able to competition for Winner of Beauty and Performance.

The weather was not good, it was so warm and then storm. In the afternoon blew cold wind...

The judge was Oleg Fintora from the Slovak Republic. Draggiwas showed in champion class and he was excellent 1, CAC, Club winner.

Randis was in intermediate class and she finished on first place with excellent 1, CAC.

Molly was in champion class and she was excellent 1, CAC.

BOB was Jany from Bouše family.

We were waiting for final competitions, where Draggi got a price for Club winner, what befere we forgot.

After the finish of club show, they gave us prices of Beauty and Performance. Organizers made a small mistake because they wrote on prices "Beauty and dog"...
This competition has been only for the dogs who finished the CACIL coursing in Bratislava. The points from the coursing and from the show was summed and then was public the winners. If have two dogs the same points, the winner was better from coursing.
Winner for Beauty and Performance was Draggi as deerhound male and Molly as deerhound female. They jumped around the ring as they wanted to show that they have a pleasure from this ...

Draggi, Molly, Baboo a Baruch

International dog show in Bratislava on Saturday

On Saturday August 16th was international dog show in Bratislava. We took Molly, Randis and Asi. As our loyal friend went our small cairn Gina.

The judge was Gerard Jipping from The Netherlands. In puppy class was our Asi, he won very promising 1 and in final competitions he was showing for Best in show puppy male. He was very cute.

Randis was excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB.

Molly got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. So Molly was in final competitions too in Best in group.

Then we went to camp Zlaté písky, where we were talking with Bouše family. Deerhounds were playing, they had small dinner and we went to restaurant for special slovak meal "halušky" and after dinner we went to sleep. We comfortable slept in our car with three deerhounds and one cairn terrier.

International dog show in Bratislava on Sunday

On Sunday August 17th we were able to wake up later. Monika prepared for us very good tea. As reward we schoked her because our Asi forgot his small toy (looks like rat) in the grass ...

Before our journey to dog show we were going to play to the beach ...

Asi and Gina

Molly and Asi

Molly and Asi

Asi and Randis

Asi and Randis

On the show was Jean Louis Grünheid from France as judge. All our deerhounds have got excellent critics with results: Asi very promising 1, Randis excellent 1, CAC, Molly excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

After final competitions we went home.