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Sighthound Specialty in Mladá Boleslav

On 23rd August, we departed on a Special Hound show in Mlada Boleslav.

The judge was Per Lundström from Sweden. He has written down in detail the descriptions of every dog as he touched them and make his opinion on their condition.

Randis got very good 2 and was bested by Diana, who also got only very good.

Photo: Petra Kappelová
Then comes Molly’s turn. Molly got Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and Winner of the Show awards.

Photo: Petra Kappelová

Photo: Petra Kappelová

In the Honorary class, Lucie Drabova’s Netka got excellent and in Puppies Bastian’s Jeeves Irater son won very promising.

There was also a Draggi’s son Dermot, who got very good and his owner received the price for Club champion of WDK.

Dermot Paluduz

And because the deerhounds was the first to be judged, we could go to the river to make some fun in the „deerhound style“. And it was met with good response.

Then I turned and Molly was on her back and she found a new smell as a dead smelly hog and she put it on her brushing coat. It smelled „great“…

She was anxious to share her new discovery and ran to me to share it. My opinion was completely different….

As the others carried on with their play, I wonder, if we could manage the BIS award with the smelly hog in Molly’s hair. I can smell her up to two metres away.

Hopefully, I managed to clean her enough to cover the smell by something else. Maybe she would get some bonus points for the extra smell, but I was afraid to try it.

As the show ended, we said goodbye to our friends and returned home.

Coursing - Championship of Bohemia in Svojanov

On Sunday, the 24th August, I went on a coursing at Svojanov with Draggi and Molly. Randis, Kecka, Maybe-dog, Gina and Andik went on holiday to a Slunečnice camp somewhere in Southern Bohemia.

After a dificult journey, filled with many roadwork places, we safely arrive at Svojanov. We go through a vet control, but Draggi and Molly weren’t sure, where they are. As soon as they saw the track, everything was clear once more. There will be some racing to be done.

The first round raced Draggi along with Molly and the track began on a cut grass and lead up a hill, what the true capabilites of each contensant show up.

After the race, we go to local pond to do some swimming. Draggi and Molly jump right into the murky water and received unbelieving stares from Svaťa Mikešova and Andulka, who didn’t know, that deerhound is capable of doing something like this…

Second race was between Draggi, Andulka and Molly with Blueberry and all of them catched the tuft at the end and they began playing with it as everyone wanted it for himself.

It was a long day and I had a talk with my friends, owners of irish wolfhounds and we even got to solve some exponencial equations.

At the end, Molly and Draggi won the highest price and was promoted to Champions of Bohemia and Molly also got the CACT award.

Master of Bohemia Molly

Master of Bohemia Draggi