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International dog show in Mladá Boleslav

On Saturday August 30th we went to another dog show with Molly and Randis.

The judge was Mrs. Richard P. from Greece. At this show were Tylš family with all their deerhounds,only their veteran Rena was at home.

Finally I handled Armin in puppy class, Baloo in champion class, Randis in intermediale class, Andy in open class and Molly in champion class.

All deerhounds got the best critics and judgement. Armin was very promising, Baloo got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB.

Randis was excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB, Andy got excellent 1, CAC and Molly won excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

After our work in the show ring,all our deerhounds went for a walk to river with us - it was great fun for all of them ...

Without reference to the titles our deerhouds had a good time in nice but hot weather, took a bath in the river and they were happy ...

BOB Molly ...

From Tylš family took a bath only Andy, because the others approve the water only for drinking, so Armin looked at our girls, what they are doing there ...

We met new doggie friends ...

After finally competitions, where Molly only ran around the ring, we went home.

Points lure coursing in Přívrat u Litomyšle

Club of Saharan sighthounds was organized lure coursing of cup of town Litomyšl on August 31st in Přívrat at ski slope. The organizers made the start down of the hill while the finish was up of the hill. The dogs hadn´t problems with it but their owners was looked into their condition.

For deerhounds started Molly, Draggi and Randis and they finished:

Deerhound - female
1. Queen Qumolly Qwinta of Dirty Mind
2. Grayrory´s Drama

Deerhound - male
1. Eileandour Draggi