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The apetite grows with eating, so our deerhounds were about to enter CACIL coursing in neighbouring Austria on 20.9.2008 in Deutsch Gerisdorf.

Unforntunately just before the departure, Andulka of Svatava Mikesova began her heat season, so she stayed at home with Blueberry, Cesmina of Monika Bousova got some work to do and Randis had an accident during a walk and she lighten her leg on Tuesday. The vet recommended her to have some rest, so only the „strong three“ had gone – Derisek-Dermot Paluduz of Olga Brandova, our Molly and Draggi, so we cannot take a part in the CACIL race, so we raced just to make fun.

There was Sabina with her Meggie - Auld Lang Syne Caoinlan, with which Draggi ran a year ago on a coursing in Vienna, waiting for us in Austria. She told us, that a dog with the licence had to ran at least one coursing in Austria during each year, or the licence ran out and a new one must be obtained.

Although „weakened,“ we made our best and ran like our lives were in the bet. The track was a long one (about 1800 feet), on the slope with some stubble, so not an easy one for untrained dogs.





All the deerhounds attended to the task with honor…

Draggi a Dermot

Molly a Meggie

Molly won the first place, moreover she won the award of the best peformance of the day from all sighthounds!

Draggi cooped with his son Dermot well and he paid him the lose from Bratislava back. Nonetheless, we should be proud of both of them.

Draggi, Molly, Meggie, Dermot

Name Points Place
Our Molly 358 1. Tagesbester
Our Draggi 352 2.
Dermot 351 3.
Meggie 330 4.

Worth to mention is the fact, that there was eleven irish wolfhounds on the start and eleven in the finish and very good performances. So, although Austria’s litter is no match for the czech on shows, we should try this.

Athmosphere and the crew was very kind and polite, they would visit us and they regreted that the czech coursing clubs had not their websites translated.

We cannot forgot our cairn terier Gina, who made the best companion for all the day and won her fame by a marvelous football performance...