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Club show of WDK


On Friday, 26th September, we made our way for South Bohemia on the second club show with Asi, Draggi, Molly and Randis and, of course, with Gina, too.

We arrived at Krivonoska camp, where our accommodation was prepared. The camp was full of unknown people, but we found Tylš and some „irish wolfhounders“ among them.We had a talk, dinner and then we went to beds…

On Saturday, 27 September, we made it fot the show early in the morning, because we had promised our help with the organization. The show took place on a meadow in front of the Ohrada castle beside the Zoo. The meadow was cut and there was a road nearby, so we couldn’t unleash our dogs and only the pups can go unleashed.

Dr. Tesic from Hungary was the judge. First went three puppies from Basta and everyone got very promising.

Anthony z Podlipnice

Then our Asi with his brother Armin went on. They wanted to play rather than to show in the ring. This time, the places swop. Asi got very promising one and Primus Minor, he won a plush dog and a necklane from „deerhounders,“ made by Monika Bousova for every deerhound. He was excited by the plush toy and he carried it all the way to the car. Armin got a ball on a knot and he was happy too, because this kind of toy is better for him. Our adolescents were satisfied.

Assing Irater Irsias

In the champion class, Draggi met Baloo there. Draggi got BIS puppy from this judge on the show in Namest nad Oslavou, so I was curious about judge’s decision this time. And he was pleased. Draggi got excellent one and CAC.

Eileandour Draggi

In the honorary class was a proud father Basta…

Bastian Jeeves Irater

Draggi and Dermot took part in The Best Dog competition, not mentioned in the catalogue. The judge was indecisive, but, finally, Dermot got it and he can took part in the BOB competition. His owner was excited!

Dermot Paluduz


In the baby class, there were two daughters of Basta and each got very promising.

Angelika a Adelaida z Podlipnice

Asi’s mother was in the Open class and got excellent one, CAC.

Anette Grey Fi It

Then cames our Randis in the Working class and the judge was pleased with her. She won excellent 1, CAC.

naše Randis (Grayrory´s Drama)

In the champion class, there were three bitches including our Molly. The judge was deciding quite long, and Molly got the second place. The winner was Anne Regina, daughter of our Bran, but all the bitches here got only very good.

Anne Regina Fi It

Queen Qumolly Qwinta of Dirty Mind

Randis won the competition for the best bitch over Andy and attend to BOB competition.

The judge made the end very thrilling, especially for me and Olga. He was happy that he had chosen two dogs, on which you can see, which one is the dog and wich is the bitch. Then he told us, that he had decided and told us to ran one more round.

And then he went on: „The best of breed is…“ and he headed right to the excited Olga, but then he finished the sentence!...the female…“ I was very happy and proud of our Randis, which was the nicest of the 21 deerhounds presented here.

BOB Randis

Photos by Vladimíra Jestřábová
We promised some fun to our deerhounds after the show, so we visited Olga and my mother advised her how to improve her garden…

There, we finally fulfilled our promise and we went out into the nice meadows.





Then we talked to the late in the night….

In the morning, Derisek joined our walk…

…and then we drove home.