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Cairn terrier´s puppies - first day

Hi, so here we are!!! Your cairn terriers

Here we are in mother’s womb…

Mother had been walking on deerhound’s walks with us….

Here, mother had been enjoying the snow….

The night before we were born, our mother had prepared a lair under an old barn and the history was about to be repeated. The owner spent her night in the garden with a torch and crowbar, demolishing the floor in the barn. The other owner said: “Well, two more litters and the barn will be finally down!“ He was awarded a ungrateful look from her as she carried our mother into the bathroom to clean her of webs and dirt.

Then she put our mother to her „birthplace“, which was utterly rearranged as mother had seen fit.

In the night, Gina had been breathing heavily, despite that, she slept with the owners in the bed, satisfied. Next day, owner went to Brno, Gina was at home with Hanka and when she had returned, first boy was born.

After that, the complications came. There was fewer of us than before, but we were much larger and there wasn’t much space left in the womb. Because of that, the second puppy, a striped girl, was born dead. The owner was unhappy, because she wanted a puppy like that. So they had loaded our mother and the fisrt puppy into a car and went to vet clinic in Brno. There, Gina gave birth to another girl. And then, the vet must perform a surgery to get out the rest of us.

So this is me, the first-born. I have had dew claws (I have them no more, the vet took them away) and I will be going to Prague, well, not now, but when I‘ll grow up.

I was the second and I am blond, very blond. My owner loved me at the first sight….

I was born with the vet’s help, but I am a bit darker than my sister… I will go, probably, to father Mambo.

Well, I am dog, not Batman, they had taken just this photo of me. A bit crazy, I dare to say. They said, I’ll go to some Irish Wolfhounds in the Nothern Moravia.

So, keep your fingers crossed for us, we are very small and well round and too big for our mother Gina. And what sent Gina to the proud Mambo, after the birth? Pretty showy doggie, see, they are as blond as I am! And I am proud of that. Hope, you too!!