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Cairn terrier puppies - first week

It’s a exactly week, since we’ve been born. And now, we are big cairn terriers. Everyone‘s weight is more than 400g.

We just eat and sleep all day and Gina is an excellent mother, she give us massage regularly and she’s doing all the things, we need to be happy….

They even brought us a toy from the show, but because we are small, Gina has stolen it for herself and she began playing with it…

…and the first-born stetchen himself…

…and set off to the unknown land…

Gina was very afraid for him and she called for help. The Owner came and put him back to its lair. Since then, Gina kept her eye on us all the time, afraid someone would get lost again.

... and we were able to sleep peacefully again…

At midday, Gina had changed her mind and she‘d set off to finish our secret lair in the garden. She returned covered in mud, so we had to give her a bath and wash her.

When she dried and fed us, she was asked by the owner, if she want to go out for a walk with Kesinka and Balt. Gina took a great deal more time to decide and after that, she went out into the snowy countryside. Being outsie, she forgot about her puppies and started chasing snowballs.

And this is how we look like right now:

But we are so happy together with our mother in our place.