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Cairn puppies – how we went into new homes 10. - 11. week

Something is about to happen… look ... Bilbo

you wish, Boo-Boo chewed his branch

hell he’s right Boo-Boo, someone’s comming - Bonnie

hey, let’s play ... Boo-Boo a Bonnie

Bonnie and Bilbo

in grass - Bella and Bilbo

Bilbo, Bella and Bonnie

...so I’m going with my new owners...

Kesi, Boo-Boo and Bilbo

Kesi and Boo-Boo


...look, I am very clever Bubáček and I’m going to carry this to my owners

... ...what Boo-Boo can do, I, Bilbo, could do better , give it to me, Bella insisted

with aunt Kesi

Bon Voyage BOO-BOO!!!!!!!! Bella

So, there were only three of us left., Boo-boo’d gone, he’s doing well in his new home, taking advantage of all his new owners.

Now, it’s my turn, or so it’s told Bilbo considers possibilities.

... ...you’ve to get used to it, boy, Gina shouted to him ...

...some education for Bonnie...

Trip to Naloučany

Come, you three ...

...my ring! no, my! I want it!...

...what’s so interesting here, cairn girls?...

Bella and Kesi

Gina and Bella

three tails and Gina

Bilbo and Bella

playing with Mum



Those, who play, do not make mess.

Bonnie and Gina


exploring with Baltazar...

Bonnie and Kesi





So, Bilbo set off to broaden his horizons, and, as many puppies before him, he charmed his new owners. He’s enjoying the new surroundings, meeting many interesting people, dogs, lift and many other things, which are new to him…

Sniff carefully, Bonnie, they’ll come for you on Sunday...

Bella mountaneer

however, Bonnie want to do it far better than her sister

What’s that? We haven’t seen it yet? Bella and Bonnie
it’s wet, cold and tastes like water ...

there’s lots of it, but I do not want to push my luck further. On he other hand, everything is worth to try... Bonnie


hahahaha Bella


All are on the other side, loojk Bella, aunt Randis is walking in it…

we are too small for this, it will certainly eat us, so we’ll try it here… Bella

stay hidden! Bella

and run away... Bonnie

what a big tree! ... Bella

yum, ripened cream ... Bonnie

there’s still something left in it

I know, they’re coming for me, so don’t be sad, they’ll love me... Bonnie

And Bella??? She’s with us forever ...