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Randis is going to be mother...

As the time’s passing by, our dog friends grow up, so we arranged a meeting between our terrible Randis and Eimhir Dhourak Sense of Beauty. Randis liked him a lot, so we are proud to announnce that we will have puppies during June, first deerhound puppies after six-year break.

Eimhir Dhourak Sense of Beauty – why him?

Eimhir Dhourak Sense of Beauty

Eimhir comes from a litter, we like. We saw his mother Silver Eden Elvy Sense of Beauty about week before giving a birth to the puppies, building great hole in the garden and that has stolen our hearts, so we decided to have one.

Silver Eden Elvy Sense of Beauty

We saw eight of those puppies, Eimhir included, on the Club show in The Netherlands, where they were judged by Glenis Peach (kennel Killbourne). And we saw five puppies, growing to beauty, ageing two years. So we know seven of his siblings, all the same type, all very elegant.

Eva Eden Sense of Beauty

His sister Eva won the award for the dog with the most beautiful movement in the Club show in Namest last year.

All the liters sired by his father Eileandour Dhourak are very good and quite the same.

Eileandour Dhourak

Dhourak’s father is Airescot By Jeeves, who sired our B litter as well as many others.

Airescot By Jeeves

The pedigree contains Peter Baltzer‘s Jihad’s kennel in the third generation, like it is in Randis’s pedigree – all winners of American Club show and deerhounds of one type (I saw some of them in 2004)

Dunkeld Jihad Emma of Lehigh

Jihad's Birth of Dunkeld

His mother is aged eight and his grandmother was shown in Veteran class on Club show in May, aged 11,5 (father Kilbourne Andrew of Oelmühle, who is also father of our Terinka).

Pitlochry´s Elvy Efara (grandmother of Eimhir)

Eimhir is young, no offsprings, crazed like our Randis.



Grayrory´s Drama - Randiska – is well… Randiska, her mother is in Veteran age and her grandmother died in eleven.

Randis and her grandmother Denise aged 11

Manticorns Denise

Randis, mother Moonshell, sister Daisy

Randis´s brother Angus

father Shadow, Randis, mother Moonshell

father Shadow, Randis, mother Moonshell

bratr Angus, sister Daisy, Randis

Randis’s father was born 10 years after his father’s death.(aged 10), so her breeder, Liv has known a lot about his offsprings, their health, etc. The second Randis’s grandmother is still alive, she will be 11.

father Shadow, Randis, grandmother Karaoke

Jaraluv Karaoke aged 10

And what we await from this pair? Small cute deerhounds, of course. Well, little crazed after their parents, but inquisitive, artful pointed muzzles…