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Club show of WDK on 20. 21.6.

After a few years the club show in Náměšť was judged by czech judge, Mrs. Dagmar Holková (kennel only of Irish wolfhound Daskerwill, last litter in this kennel was in 1995).


The best young was son of Bastian Jeeves Irater - Ashar z Podlipnice

Ashar - excellent 1, CAJC, best young

Our Asi was in intermediate class with his brother Armin. Armin got his first excellent and his owner Dagmar was very happy.

Armin - excellent 1, CAC, Club winner

Asi - excellent 2, res. CAC

Armin and Asi

In champion class was one adult male - Draggi´s son - Dermot Paluduz, but the Club winner title won Armin.

Dermot - excellent 1, CAC

Adelaida z Podlipnice, Bastian´s daughter, after her big sucess in Germany, was on second place with excellent.

Adelaida - excellent 2

Intermidiate class won Azaria, sister of Asi.

Azaria - excellent 1, CAC

In champion class was mother of our Asi withal daugheter of our Bran - Anette Grey Fi It.

Anette - excellent 1, CAC, Club winner

Finally won the title Club winner.

Anette Grey Fi It

Molly was in honour class with daughter of our Bran - Anne Regina Fi It.

Anne Regina and Molly

Molly - excellent 2

Queen Qumolly Qwinta of Dirty Mind

BOB won veteran - Anatolie Mariaxet of Lucka Drábová.

Anatolie - excellent 1, Best veteran, BOB

Our Kesi was in veteran class, but she loved the kiosk with cakes ...

Kesi - excellent 3

Authors of photos: Vladimíra Jestřábová and Nika