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International dog show
České Budějovice

Nice dog show with Carrie, Asi and Bella. Deerhound judge was Mrs. Reicher Doubravka from Croatia.

The show ring was very small and it was in the hall, but we spent the whole day near the small pond with our deerhound friends.

Cedrik was in junior class and he won excellent 1, CAJC, BEST JUNIOR. He is really beautifull.

Cedrik Eimhir Irater - 10 months

After the open class was champion class where were our Asi and Bastian´s son Anthony. Asi won this class with excellent 1, CAC.

Asi finished the conditons for the title


Assing Irater Irsias

The CACIB competition was between Asi and Aragon ... The title won our Asi.

Carrie was in junior class on the second place with very good. The judge said, that she needs a lot of time and she has a lovely movment.

Carrie Randis Irater - 10 months

Open class won Bastian´s daughter Adelaida. Champion class won Asi´s mother Andy (in 7 years old) with excellent 1, CAC, reserve CACIB. She finished the same title as her son Asi - CZECH GRANDCHAMPION. The CACIB won Adelaida.

Anette Grey Fi It

BOB won our Asi.

Assing Irater Irsias - BOB

Then we were waiting for the finally competitions.


Asi won the 5. place in BIG.

Assing Irater Irsias - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 5.BIG

And our Bella?

She won the junior class with very good

Bella Gina Irater

Bella Gina Irater

Beautiful day with a lot of fun, surprise ...

Results of the deerhounds with the photos