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We were at International dog show in Prague with Draggi, Randis and Molly. Randis was very happy, because she knows the dog shows as great fun, but Molly hasn´t liked the show in the hall, she didn´t want to move there in the show ring. After the show, when the judging off, we were playing with Molly, Randis and Draggi in the hall, in the show ring. At the end Molly recognized that it could be really fun for her and she started to play with our two dogs in show ring. And then we tried again to show her there and she was showing very well.

Draggi was excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Winner of Prague, Randis was very promising 1 (but it was very difficult for the judge, because Randis´s competitor was Calamity Jane Margodeer (Atalaya Margodeer x Fernhill´s Glamour) and she is also very nice) and Molly was excellent 2.

Judge: Mrs. Vera Sosnova, Czech Republic