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On wednesday (16.5.) morning we went to our periodic way to Holland deerhound club show. Our friend Mrs. Krumpholzová was taking care of our terrier puppies during the day and Honza during the evening and night.

We were looking forward to meet our friends. At night we came to nice place in Putten, where live our friends Mr. and Mrs. de Vos - Brugman, who have kennel Sense of Beauty. We have been very pleased that we could sleep at their place in nice guest house with our dogs.

The show was in Hoenderloo on 17th Mai. The show ring was outside on the grass. There were entered 37 deerhounds from 4 countries. Randis and Molly have liked this show and they started to play there. At first we tried to show our puppies under the direction of experienced breeders.

Then the judging by Mr.Jean Louis Grünheid was starting. At first were babies and puppies. Randis was showing very well and she was first in puppy class and then won the best puppy in the show.

Our Draggi was in champion class and he was excellent 2, but the first was GrandCru Brut of Dirty Mind, son of our Aimee Terri Irater, and he has been better than Draggi.

And our Molly? She showed to all, that she has beautiful movement and she is wonderful deerhound lady! We are very proud of her. She was excellent 1, JCAC.

We found out in catalog, that there was 7 grandpuppies of our Terinka (5 puppies of Beauty Terri Irater and 2 puppies of Aimee Terri Irater). The 5 of them won their classes. And Pawky Patzy Portia of Dirty Mind, daughter of Beauty, was best bitch and BOB.

With love and pride we were looking at our "grandchildren". It was very nice.

With enthusiasm we were talking everything to our Terinka and other dogs, when we came safely home.

Judge: Jean Lois Grünheid (France)

Photos by Lammert Stoker and Hana Voborníková