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On friday 8.6. at 0:15 we were going to another dog show to Croatia. Molly and Draggi were sleeping during the way.

At the show we met breeder Mr. Holm-Nilsen from Norway (kennel Baylind), who we have known from some of Austria shows and also from Euro dog show in Tulln in 2005. There was his Baylind Hamsun with our Draggi in puppy class, at that time won our Draggi. Mr. Holm-Nilsen has liked our Molly, her nice head and beautiful movement, with it we were very pleased.

The judge was Mr. Luis Catalan from Portugal. All the dogs of all breeds were excellent by his judging. And the new for us was, that they didn´t write the comments, so we didn´t know, what the judge was prefered. Draggi was in champion class excellent 4, Andrew Bran Irater (puppy from us,6,5 years old) was excellent 3 and our Molly was excellent 2 in young class. But Molly over came herself as first time moving in the hall. She has beautiful and flying movement.