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We were at international dog show in Brno on 23.6. The judge was from Finland, Mr. Leivisk├Ą Jouko. It was very nice judging, because he has prefered one type of deerhounds and irish wolfhounds, we were very pleased with it.

Draggi was in champion class in competition another two deerhounds, one of them was our Baloo. Draggi was excellent 1, CAC, CACIB. The other two dogs were very good. Baloo is another type than Draggi and he was a little bit fat, but he has very nice home and very nice owners ... There were also daughters of our Bran - Anette Grey and Anne Regina. Anette was in open class and she was excellent 1, without title, because she is in the same condition as Baloo, she lives with Baloo in the same home. Anne Regina was BOB and BIG 4.

Our Molly was in young class in competition Fritzen┬┤s Silver Dawn and also our Randis. Randis was at first time in young class a she was very good 3, because she still looks like puppy and she is changing her coat now. Molly became winner of young class, so she was excellent 1, CAJC.

So she finished conditions for Junior champion of Czech Republic. We are very happy!