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On Saturday, 28th July, in the morning, I went to Bratislava on Slovakian Club hound show, which was followed by CACIL coursing. Molly and Randis stayed at home, for now. The show was placed along the Petržalka racecourse, in a pleasant suroundings with many trees and plants. Judging began around half past ten and there were just two show rings for the hounds. The first was judged by Mrs. Maria Teresa Durando – Fasio from Italy, who judged irish wolfhounds, the second judged by Mr. Aleš Novak from Slovenia and he judged our deerhounds, and I mean „our,“ because all deerhounds was somehow related to the Irater kennel. In the winner class (like our Honorary) was our puppy from „A“ litter, Andrew Bran Irater, in the young was son of our Draggi, Dermot Paluduz. Our Draggi was in the champion class. And the results? All won their classes and Andrew got the highest prize, BOB and even BIS 10. We are proud of our the nearly seven years old puppy.

Draggi won his fourth Slovakia CAC and made the requirements for the title: Champion of beauty in Slovakia

On the Sunday, 29th July, a CACIL coursing was arranged on the same place as the show. Draggi loves this dog sport. He didn’t believe me, that I am true, when I was talking about hunting „prey“. But, when he saw, there is some running, he was excited. He try to find the best spot to see on the field. When we came to Start, we did not see the „prey.“ Draggi was unhappy and looks around,…..but then…….the „prey“ jumped from local bush and start running….followed by Draggi. Andrew run too, but he stoped short after start, because a coursing cage was one of required items a dog must have to run in this coursing, and he realized that with this something on his mouth he isn’t able to catch the prey, so why to chase it? Without it, he will show us a great chase, like an old coursing master.

Draggi finished his first run, he killed the „prey“ and stayed on it, until my coming. He was satisfied. At two o’clock in the afternoon the first runs were finished and due to some technical problems the second runs were canceled. Maybe there will be some moving in the result table, but nothing at all, I think. It was a pleasant day with Draggi.

Draggi was first among deerhounds in the coursing, but he couldn´t won the CACIL award, because there were only two deerhounds on the coursing from the six required. In the final, Draggi won the award of Winner of beauty and performance.

The first photo is from coursing in Bratislava, the other are from the spring meeting in Slavetin, where Draggi was also running and the authors of photos are Melanie Novotna and Pes Jira.