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Friday, 10th August in the morning, a unusual activity started at our home. Everyone run around and pack the bagagge and when we started packing dog bowls and wraps, it became clear – we are going on some trip and stay there for some time. Full package of dog food is not common for one day trip.

The older of us know these preparations are before something new and unknown, but good for us. We cannot miss this and follow our owners everywhere just not to stay at home.

In late afternoon the temperasture goes down and the car was loaded. We got collars and went to car – Baltazar, Kesy, Molly and Draggi back and Terinka, Andy and Gina goes to rear seat, which was as comfortable, as the wrpas allows. Hanka took the drive and we go.

We drive for a long time and was stopped by strange people in uniform, who asked: „How many dogs you have there? Eight? You are going to Slovakia with EIGHT dogs???“ True is that only the young ones goes to trip.

After nioghtfall we arrive to mountains, drive through small villages and hamlets and then just woods and meadows to a small light in the darkness, where we stop and we were there.

Owners open the car and we run into the darkness filled with strange scents and sounds. Under our paws was only grass. There was not car or something similar.We go to our cottage. We were so tired, that we just greet three known irish wolfhounds and go to sleep.

And our owners had no place to sleep? Doesn’t matter! Honza took the second room just for himself and, maybe Gina.

In the morning we went for a walk and we see….. huge area of fenced meadows, and around the cottage we have our own fenced area, big as aour garden. What was enough for Terinka and Kesy, was not enough for the young and there was strange four legged animals with hooves behinf some colored strings. But these colored strings bite us to our noses ... Or it was the animals???? Our owner called, but the deerhound could be effectively deaf.

Strange, it is horses and in the evening we see that it is strange animals, who allowed our owners to sit on them and ride on them. This was under every deerhound pesonality.

Our owner call us and we run there. There was some animals with small ones, maybe their children, which does not run away and they challenged us. We also see a black goat with father goat. Many new things today.

On Monday, another humans and two other irish wolfhounds arrived. And then a week of dog fun has began – walks, trips (one trip), bathing, etc. The pack came quickly together (7 deerhounds and 6 irish wolfhounds) and we enjoy a great week.

In the evening was some cooking, games, storytelling and so on. The keeper of our cottage knows our leaders for ten long years. And so there were many remebering.

It was wonderful and we are ready to go there in the next year.