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On Saturday 18.8. and on Sunday 19.8. took place two International dog show in Bratislava in one weekend. On Saturday the dogs could have a nomination for Crufts 2008.

And our results? Draggi was in open class and he was excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB on both days. Molly with Randis was in young class and she was excellent 2 on both days. Randis was very good 3 on saturday and excellent 3 on Sunday.

In honorary class was Andrew Bran Irater, from our A litter, and he was excellent 1 on both days and in nearly seven years he was beautiful showing and he was very nice in finally competitions.

Also our friends Tylsovi came to the show with their Baloo, Andy and Anetka. Ballo was excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and Andy, daughter of our Bran, was excelletn 1, CAC, CACIB on both days and on Saturday she was also BOB.

At this show Baloo Jeeves Irater realized conditions for awarding the titul Interchampion.