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Deerhound trip to Scottish history. On Saturday August 25th, we went to castle Sychrov, where were Scottish games - it means that there were many people who like the scottish history in their scottish costumes, play scottish and celtic music, we can buy scottish foods etc. We went in known group: Draggi, Randis, Molly, Baltazar and Gina.

Our owner Hanka was cold, so she lied under the trees and Molly with Bazi warmed up her and Bazi also looked about her. He knew, that his owner was feelling not so good, but she wanted to go and she didnĀ“t do out us deerhounds of our other deerhoundĀ“s trip.

Many our friends arrived. There were also Baloo, Andy and Anetka from Tyls family, Netka from Drab, Draggi's first love, Alpaka with her daughter Diana. So, there was 10 deerhounds, which is more than at mostly czech dog shows. And also some irish wolfhounds, Famo, Chay and Roy from Rudoklecka and Beruska from Mraz arrived. All of them we know from our holiday at Velka Fatra.

We were greatly accepted by local Scots and the visitors alike. We had a pleasant day ...