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On Friday, 21st September, we drived out on another adventure, this time heading for Křivonoska camp near Hluboká nad Vltavou.

After questioning our dogs: „Who want to go on a trip?“ they were already at the door waiting, so we went out with them all: Cassy, Bazi, Randis, Molly, Gina, not to mention always present Andy. We stopped to control puppies at Müller family and arrived to Křivonoska camp around 8 pm. It was dark, but dogs were not patient ones, after a long journey, and we went for a walk. Together, we were so tired, so we managed to get in our beds and sleep until next day, the day of Club show.

We took a long walk in the morning, greet our friends and began great preparations for club show ... After judge‘s Mrs. Věra Sosnová arrival, all was ready and so it began. The deerhounds were first, Draggi in the champion class. He got excellent 1, CAC. Molly and Randis were in young class. Molly needed just three days to be in intermediale class. In the young class, there were four bitches, and finally, the standings were by the age. Molly, the oldest, won the class with excellent 1, CAJC, Denisa, Draggi’s daughter, and a month older than Randis, was the second, Randis was excellent 3 and the youngest on the fourth post was Jany from Bouš family. Molly took part in the Best of breed competititon and had bested other adult dogs and won BOB.

And because we wanted to end the show in deerhound’s way, we go into the woods with Monika Bouš, Zuzana Máder and Bělský family. Iva Říha couldn´t go with us, because she had to help in the ring, but we go with her another day. Everyone was happy, some dogs were have almost courtesly to deerhound bitches, others just run around, into the wood, pond, ... By the time, we learn many useful things from Mr. Bělský, who had lived in a village somewhere in these woods. And we found many fungi, too.

In the evening, we were talking with our friends, and on Sunday we went out in search of some other fungi and then pack up and drived towards home, despise of dogs different oppinions. Work and school was waiting for us on the Monday.

It was a pleasant meeting and everyone was happy.

Photos: Hana Voborníková, Jana Stehlíková, Róbert Winkler