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On Saturday, 29th September, we drived to Austria, to Tulln on international show along with Molly and Draggi.

Draggi introduced himself in the champion class and got excellent 1, CACA, r. CACIB and Molly, first time in intermadiale class, got excellent 1 and CACA. Mrs. Doris Getzinger was the judge.

The second day there was CACIL coursing after the show in Fredenau in Wien. We promised it Draggi all the Saturday to run, but the day was long and he grew somewhat suspicious about this. We took Draggi and Gina as his companion on the coursing. Molly and Randis are too young for this one.

We hope, that there could be six deerhounds and Draggi can run for CACIL, but there was only one, bitch Auld Lang Syne Caoinlan - Meggie and two deerhounds were entered to make the licence. So we were happy, that Draggi had a partner here and will not run alone. We enjoyed the nice day as Draggi his run.

Draggi and Meggie

Draggi won this coursing and got Beauty and Performance award in Austria.