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On saturday 6.10. we went to another dog show in České Budějovice with Randis, Molly and Draggi.

At first was Draggi in champion class and he was excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB. Randis was in young class and she was excellent 2. And Molly was in intermediale class and she was excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB. The first was daughter of our Bran, Anne Regina, and she was also BOB. The judge was Vlastimil Vojtek from the Slovak Republic.

After judging we went to the shops for something sweet for our dogs with Bouš family. Our deerhounds had a rest in the car. But Jany from Bous family, had to go with us, because she could destroyed their car ...

Randis and Eva

We promised our deerhounds, that they went to running and playing after the show. But Jany was so tried, so we decided to go home. Our deerhounds didn´t agree with us, because we promised them ...

By the way we saw near the road the car of our wolfhound´s friends, so we stopped and called them. "What are you doing?" "We are mushroom." So we decided to go to the wood to look for some fungi. Our deerhounds was playing and runnig and they were very happy there and they were glad, that we kept a promise.

After walk with happy deerhounds and some fungi we went home ...