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This is a glorious day in Draggi’s family – Draggi won the intermediale class (four dogs altogether) at the World Winner Show and got the title excellent 1, CWC, his father was third in the champion class and his sister Eileandour Deva won the open class. Our dogs, Andrew Bran Irater and Bastian Jeeves Irater were excellent in the champion class and Baloo Jeeves Irater was very good 1 in the open class (he was in a good shape and it could be seen that nothing is refused to him at home). We would like to congratulate to all owners of our puppies and we keep fingers crossed in the next competitions. It is a shame that nobody was writing the results of the officiating on the board; therefore we do not know the exact marks of each dog. We spent a beautiful day in a company of our friends Lammert Stocker, Paul and Rita Verstappen and their friends.