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Last weekend we went to Slavetin and Kralupy nad Vltavou to have training of lure coursing there.

It was especially for our Randis, as she needs three runs to make her adult coursing licence.

Our competitress Randis

By the czech rules of lure coursing licence, every dog needs one alone and two collective runs. So Molly and Draggi went ,too as Randi´s sparing partners.

Molly and Draggi

Small terrier Gina was running also! However she is living with her friends hounds - she looks more like sighthound than terrier. All our dogs were training at home ...


On Friday March 14th I wanted to go to the training with Molly and Randis. The weather wasn´t good, but at the end the coursing took place in Slavetin.

Randis was entered for coursing licence and Molly for training. First run Randis was running alone and the second run with Molly.

"Flying Randis"
Photo: Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

After nice day our deerhound girls was playing with other dogs and then we went home. Randis made two licence runs very good.

Because there was a posibility to make the run also on Saturday March 15th, we went to Slavetin again. I took with me Randis, Draggi and Gina.

Draggi and Randis

Gina and Randis were entered for coursing licence and Draggi for training. At first Gina was running with french bulldog, she had satisfy the collective run. There was no cairn terrier.

Photo: Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Randis and Draggi were running together ...

Photo: Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Photo: Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Gina, Draggi and Randis were runnig also second run.

Randis and Draggi

"Flying Randis"

And this was in finish...

This is my, no my ...

Gina and Randis satisfied all the conditions for coursing licence.

Gina is first cairn terrier with coursing licence in Czech Republic, so she had a good time and did a pose for photographs.

Foto: Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

After nice day we went home.

On Sunday March 16th, our dogs were entered to another training to Kralupy nad Vltavou. We went with Randis, Molly, Draggi and Gina.

All of them went only for training. There were many dogs, so we were going for the walk at first.

For the first run all our three deerhounds were running together.

Draggi, Molly and the tail in the middle is of our Randis
Photo: Andrea Soldánová
As first Molly catched the tuft ...


And finish ...

Then Gina was training too, but she ran alone ...

Gina in finish ...

Draggi´s son Dermot made his first runs for coursing licence, too. For the second run his father Draggi was as his sparing partner there, they cooperated very good ...

Draggi and with red blanket is Dermot

Following the second run of our deerhounds ... ...

Randis, Molly and Draggi
Photo: Andrea Soldánová


And the second run of Gina ...

Our running weekend finished and we went home.