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On Sunday March 30th we went to Kralupy nad Vltavou to lure coursing. There were entered Draggi, Randis and Gina.

Molly stayed at home because she was in heat.

In the morning we went with our runners but also with Baltazar and Andy, so Molly could have a rest ...


There were a lot of deerhounds - Iva with Bastian, Eva with Bibi, Svata with Blueberry and Olga with Draggi´s son Dermot.

At first was running Draggi with Bastian.

Draggi and Bastian
Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Bastian unfortunately was hobbling after his run. So he had a rest then.

The second run were Bibi and Blueberry but Bibi decided to stay at start ...

Bibi (Barky Terri Irater)

Following run were Randis with Dermot. He needed the last run for his coursing licence.

Randis and Dermot
Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Randis and Dermot
Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

We went for a walk and our deerhound´s boys have fallen in love with Bibi, so they were dancing for her ...

Bibi and Baltazar

Randis was very happy and she was running and running ...

Then they had a bath in river Vltava ...

Our deerhounds had a rest and at the start was prepared our Gina. She was barking and singing - she was looking forward to her run ...

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

We were thinking about her run if she ran all 700 m or she went for our help, but she was running nearly to finish ......

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Near finish she ran around the judges and photopraphers and our clever runner went for their help with hunting. But they didn´t want to help her, so I had to show her the tuft ..

Foto:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Finally she ran to finish and catched the tuft ...

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

After the rest was the second run. Bastian, Bibi and Dermot did not take part in second run. On start were the three deerhounds - Draggi, Randis and Blueberry ...

Draggi and Blueberry
Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

Gina´s second run - she started very good ...

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

But near the judges she stopped and asked for a help again, they did not understand her promise, so she came to me and she did not finish her run.

Photo:Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra)

She found a new hunt ...

There was a training too. Our Andy will be 11 years old and we asked for the very short run for him. As he was young, he was a mascot of lure coursing in Rudná pod Pradědem. He was running and he was very proud of himself.

In the evening was publication of results. Draggi was first as deerhound male, Randis was second as deerhound female. And our Gina? She got a price for cairn terriers.

After nice day we went home.