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Archibald Bran IRATER

There will probably never be another dog such as Bran was. When he was brought into the world, he was a third puppy of a litter and fell right into Hanka’s hands. Hanka refused to give him to anyone else and so Bran, as he wished, stayed with us. He was surely determined in what he wants right from his youth and therefore he was hiding whenever someone came for puppies. He had a great character and respected his friend Benji for all his life, despite the fact that he was himself already a father at that time. After that, he became the leading dog himself. He was probably the most successful prize dog we have had so far. Bran was Hanka’s dog; it was her who took him to the dog shows and allowed him to sleep with her in one bed. He loved the shows and really enjoyed showing off. He did not like the professional racing very much but he had completely opposite opinion on hunting. In the spring 2004 he fell ill with the kennel cough, which changed into pneumonia. In the autumn of the same year, the illness returned and Bran, despite all our effort and medical care, died two days after his fourth birthday.

Date of birth: 15.10. 2000
Date of death: 17.10. 2004

Shows, titles: Inter Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Winner of Wolfhound & Deerhound Club (WDK), Kennel Club Winner 2002, 2003, 2004, Winner of the open category at the International Greyhound Show in Belgium in 2002, Winner of the interclass at the Deerhound Kennel Club show in Holland, Best dog at the special Greyhound show in Grossedlitz, Winner of the open category at the international show in Dortmund in 2003, Winner of the Kennel Club Show in France. 4x CAJC, 3x CACA, 3x CAC VDH, 16x CACIB, 14x BOB

Sex: male
Registration number: ČMKU/D/70/00/02
Colour: shaded
Classification Code: 0000000000000
Litter: 9

Litter “A” FI – IT Mother ICH. Away STOHE

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