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Baltazar Jeeves Irater

Balt was as a nine-weeks-old puppy sold to Holland to Mr. Hesseling. When he was four-month-old he stopped treading on his right back leg after an accidental crashing into a Wolfhound puppy. He was treated with antibiotics, since his leg had swelled up. After less then a month and a consultation with my friends, I took him at my own request back home, where he underwent an operation of his knee joint. The nerves down from his knee became necrotic and we had to rehabilitate a lot until the feelings returned back in his leg. Balt will be hobbling until his death, but despite his handicap he is a significant member of the pack and even a leading dog. Balt is very nice and has a gentle character, but on the other hand, he got fixated on me through the long period of his rehabilitation and, therefore, is jealous and keeps an eye on me whenever I am caring about some other dog.

Date of birth: 11.1. 2003
Date of death: 26.5.2010


Sex: male
Registration number: ČMKU/D/90/03
Colour: grey, shaded
Litter: 10

Offsprings: 0