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Barbucha Terri Irater

When she was born, she was the biggest of all the puppies and started to bark immediately after the birth with a high, squeaky voice, which could not be misheard. She was an unusual puppy with all her paws white as a snow. She was blind and tiny but we have decided only half an hour after the birth that she would be the one who would stay with us. Bára hated visiting the vet. What she liked the most was going for a long walks, running about in the forest and playing with other members of the pack. She was kind and tender bitch. Hanka showed her at the dog shows, in spite of the fact that Bára did not like the shows very much; she was very successful at them.

Date of birth: 11.1. 2003

Date of death: 2. 11. 2006

Shows, titles: BIS at the junior category in Grossedlitz, Czech Junior Champion, Kennel Club Winner 2004, 3× CAC, 6× BOB (out of that two times shown in the junior category), Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, 5× CACIB, 3× res. CACIB, European Dog Show - winner of the open category, 2× CACA, Champion of Wolfhound & Deerhound Club (WDK)

Sex: female
Registration number: ČMKU/D/94/03
Colour: grey, shaded
Litter: 10

Offsprings: 0