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Enfant Terrible VON DER OELMÜHLE

All I can tell about “Terinka” is that she was our first Deerhound and caused that we had fallen for this breed. She is a brilliant and caring mother. Although she has collected a lot of titles, her children have completely outmatched her in this respect. As a therapy dog, she was working with children with the combined defects. She was also able to immediately sniff out the child with the autism. She enjoyed the most to devote herself to these children. She was not interested in leading the pack and treated the “boss” a bit disparagingly, which made Cassy mad.

Date of birth: 23.8. 1997
Date of death: 17.9.2007

Shows, titles: Czech Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Winner of Wolfhound & Deerhound Club (WDK), Kennel Club Winner 2000.

Sex: female
Registration number: D 1165, ČMKU/D/42/-97/97/99
Colour: grey, shaded
Classification Code: 0000010000000

Litter “A”
Born 15.10. 2000
Father CH. Brian Bandit Bran OF DIRTY MIND

Litter “B”
Born 11.1. 2003
Father AIRESCOT by Jeeves

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