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Gina Sparkling Heart´s

She is Scottish as well, but compared to the rest of our dogs, a bit different. Gina is a Cairn terrier!!! It was my daughter’s idea and I completely opposed it – I could not imagine having such a dwarf among our dogs. Now, I have totally changed my mind, because Gina is a great “antidepressant” dog and she is, together with the Dachshund Andy, my companion on the travels. She became part of the pack very easily and wrapped everyone, even Kesi which does not like small dogs, around her paw. Gina has a fair coat with a dark muzzle and dark eyes, in which you can see her naughtiness. She is seldom tired and never angry, offended or bad-tempered. When something happens she always has to be there. She is Draggi’s faithful friend and a joint author of all monkey business.

Date of birth: 29.11. 2004

Shows, titles: Czech Junior Champion, 3× CAJC, CAC, res. CAC, res. CACIB, best young bitch at the national show in Hanácko in 2006

Coursing licence

Sex: female
Registration number: ČLP/CR/611
Colour: wheaten
Litter: 8

Offsprings: 6, 4
Litter „A“ Irater
Born: 1. 5. 2007
Father: Tiger des Vents du Westhoeck

Vrh "B" Irater
Born: 05.02.2009
Father: Bony´s Mambo Heart for You