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Weekend of rain, mud and surprise ...

Already several years we are driving with our deerhounds on czech dog shows and so we know much of the judges and most their view on our race.That´s the reason we start often with pleasure to the "wide world". It was also the main reason,we decided to visit this year clubshows in neighbour countries.

The first decision fell down on german club show in Oberhausen on the 12.4.2008,which was judged by Mrs.Dagmar Kenis Pordham,the same judge,who had deerhounds on the most favorite english dog show Crufts.

It is spring,Draggi beginns to change the coat.Molly ruted and certainly during this time our lover didn´t much eat and so he became the really sighthound appearance.A week before the show Molly stopped and explained Draggi, that she doesn´t want him anymore so expresionally,that she threw him up a great bit of coat on the chest and on the neck,straight in the side to judge.It was neccessary to hide Molly´s work,so from other times a rich mane didn´t stay much. We gave much of our hopes on the further show into our Molly,elegant and fine deerhound bitch,almost different from our small swedish terorist Randis,which is full of energy and life optimism,but for her is the work in ring rather prosily and every time she took in her introduction something special.

My sister borrow us their caravan and so we could try at first time to travel very pleasant and independent of hotels and hostels.

At first time Deerhounds researched attentionally the car and then they agree,that´s enough comfortable also for Scottish as a living provisory.Meantime Draggi and Molly set down in dogs beds behind in the car under our beds,where they had their play pets,beds and enough place.Randis decided to travel once on chairs by dining table,once on the table,in other case one meter high over the floor in our beds.

Gina,she certainly traveled with,set down in bed in blankets nearby the window and spent the journey.For her it was the really terier dream about right and content travelling.

We started on Friday morning,at first to the mountains for a puppies control by family Tylš,they were just eight weeks and began to go to new homes.

After three hours journey we stopped on meadow before their house and let the dogs for longer run.Unfortunately we didn´t notice the fowls,but our deerhounds did.It folowed a thunder-bolt attack of pack of deerhounds and shocked fowls show the top of flying acrobacy.Coverdly chief of fowls pack-cock let his girl-friends their deal and ran as first to safety of hennery. The best hunter was Randis,with one jump she hunted a fowl,in this same moment she loosed the ancorage under the footpads and flew with fowl in mouth into the creek.Shocked she opened the mouth and the fowl flew with apalled cry straight up as a sea eaggle and saved herself running to hennery. Result of action-three very content deerhounds and six shocked, but fortunately living fowls,a little confused coupple of new owners of small deerhound puppy,they took it just with,be sured from the breeder how are deerhounds soft and mild....and fully quiet coupple of the fowl owners. Dáša Tylšová invited us as she can only with a notice"It doesn´t matter,these are our fowls, it is usual for them,they weare little.We controled the puppies,weight,cuddle with them and quickly we continued to Plzeň,where waited for us Iva Říhová with Jiří and Bastian.

About ten a clock evenings we started together to the board.A bit behind the board we catched so strong wind and rain,that we must stop and first time we value the comfort of caravan- we lied down and go to sleep.After several hours of refreshing sleep we continue our way till the show place-Oberhausen.

The show was on wonderful green meadow,but after night rain all was moist,so instead show court shoes we put up sportive shoes.

Gina began her stay in Germany appearing something very fragrant and very brown in scrub and she spread it very well on her red coat.We hadn´t any other possibility as to try the further device of our car – the bathroom.Gina became after this procedure a vanilla fragrance,what insulted her very much and she thought about return back In scrub to change her image again.this avoid her up the dog-lead.Because the water in bathroom should be enough also for next two days.We prepaired a breakfast and think it over,that caravan is something wonderful And also here in Germany we perfect set in a crowd.

The show was opened by a group of scotish pipers,behind they were going all deerhounds.

I became a position as a photographer and so I did. Till it comes from procession: "Hello Eva!" Liv! Simply she thought over on Thursday,that dog show in Germany could be interesting,she bought the fly-ticket And come from Norwegen to look up.With her came a breeder form France Florent Friedrich /kennel Lilac Wind/. We found immediately a place and talk and talk.During talking we look in the ring.

As the first stood our champions,it is necessary to note,they did not faul,Draggi looked out as a teared,thin duckling,Bastian was in well condition,but strong frustrated,he is on show again,so he became at first sight Ten years of age more and try to trail all four behind himself.Iva grasped as she could,but the genetic after mother Terinka you can´t forget them.So both our champions have got “very good” and they were content with themselves.so run quickly in safety their provisory house.Bastian said from his bed,I am not here and Draggi Could not look at already,he really could not.



Liv immediately let know all the people ,that Randis is in real a small Swedish terrorist and to the end of show, Nobody called her with other name.As a vengeance we said to Liv,that she should show Randis in ring,when she made her such a promotion.Liv tried it fairy,but other times so funny Randis was in shock,her loved Hana was away and on the end of the dog-lead was complete a foreign lady.She was very mild to Randis,but she stood Resolutely on-that in ring we run not jump and in stand we stay.After a half an hour came Liv back from training Meadow and told,positive is that she is not cold yet,negative,that she is total out off order and whole the time Randis looked at Hanna,so it would be better we she goes with.So the girls went and we only look on.

From Randis was a show star,she ran elegant,head up,she stood as a statue.

Everything under denouncement:”We give you to Liv again.”Mrs judge didn´t know the background of our nicely show and gave her excellent 2,Res.VDH,between 7 bitches,it was till this the greatest success of Randis.

Randis excellent 2, res. VDH

Molly stood on in competition 13 bitches and became estimation excellent.The only thing,what whas ,that Molly Must grow up,we can only agree with this.



We stayed very long on the show,had to talk with all and leaving was not easy.Before us were 300 km to Gelsenkirchen to Westfallen Coursing= performance coursing,we were very curious and we wanted to give it To our dogs as a awards for the troubles in the ring.

It is necessary also to write,that when we spent the show,Jirka spent in Linkheim-Hochstetten also a wonderful day,whole the day he studed local public traffic ,what is his profession and also a hobby.All the day came only the messages as wonderful,wow tram.For all of us was the day well spend.

At eight o´clock comes a nice new message from home,Bastian is a proud father of 3 girls and 4 boys.We could not drink by driving,so we have fun and couldn´t asleep.

To Gelsenkirchen we drive whole the night.Good luck,that Iva found direct an address and the gprs shows us the way.Hanna and me,we fall down in the beds and sleep whole the way.There we decided,if parking on the left side or on the right side of the way.We drove on the right side on the grass,later we knew.it was a mistake,whole the night rains and the car nicely stood in soft.In the night we could not do anything,so we all went to sleep.

At the morning we went to enter the show and our german friends look at us and said:”You are really here?We accepted your enter form,but we did not believe it.You had drive the 300 km through the night?”After enter and licence acceptation came veterinary control.Not at all,as we know from us,this means to show the vaccination Passport,very often without the dog.Here was the vet with assistance,every dog had to stand on the table,where They controlled all legs,pads,fingers,stomack and belly and a long time they hear to the heart.

Then we can go on start.

Deerhounds were still fed-up.Probably further show,they have not enough from yesterday.-thought Bastian and Molly and took longer and longer their pads.Veterinary control made them sure,that we lie about running.

So it was necessary to show them,why we are here,take them to the hedge,which prevents the dogs to enter On coursing trail.The only entrance was very well done,when some of the dogs runs away his owners,could only With difficulties get on trail.Round our deerhounds flyied a tuft and as by wave of magic stick suddenly stood here A quartenary of very young and fresh dogs.This was the right,the ladies didn´t lie.

We told the people from registration with our problem with the car,that is standing in mud,as we arrived in the night,we parked on bad place.Just in a while appeared 6 strongest willing men and pushed the car on route. It was very pleasant to see,how everybody tries to help us.

Began a strong rain,but nobody let put off himselves.On Sunday ran Afghans,Barsois,Deerhounds and Galgos. The account was more as enough.For better objectivity of judgement,there were judges from three countries. The running was on interesting trail,about the middle was two meters high crossfall as a violent bound,much Of naturel barriers from shrubs and birch sticks,somewhere filled by straw bales.

So the dogs should attentionally look after the bait.Nearby every roller were three tires – two lied horizontal and one vertical on them,so the dog cannot run too near to the roller and get hurt.

First ran Bastian with german dog Zimbalist von der Oelmühle,then Draggi alone.After two german bitches Cunamara´s Julia nad Cunamara´s Janine,next run Molly with german bitch Adrienne von der Silberquelle and on the end Randis alone.

Molly (red) and Adrienne (white)

Problem was with the tuft,it was packed in mud and so the end was not well to see.(On start they wash it in a water)so at first ran it over Molly in aim,to this she slide and fall down during the run,in the last bends loose the tuft Also Randis,which was alone on the trail and nobody to guide her.Also Draggi fell down on his back and was full of mud.Of course our Randis didn´ t failure in aim,she didn´t classic bite,she shows to public on the finish “hula,hula”dance around the tuft.

Later we estimate further small,simply,but very necessary detail by the trail-bathroom for the dogs.

After first run stopped the rain and the sun shows.For a while before looked for us the organizators again,because Dogs younger then two years and older 6 had to absolve a vet control again.We went through and could start.

The second race ran Draggi and german dog Zodiak,Bastian and Randis,Molly and german top bitch Julia And rest two bitches from Germany.

Draggi (red) and Zodiak (white)

Randis (white) and Bastian (red)

Molly (white) and Julia (red)

Our deerhounds didn´t fail and made a well done work.When Randis ran to the aim,the visitors and judges Came around and hurried to higher positions to see,if she will repeat her dance.Of course we made them pleasure Again and Randis get in the finish as the only one a big applause from grateful public and stood as a star of the day.

How we finished?

Draggi won with the highest count of points among eight dogs and won the class of dogs,Molly won among bitches and because she had an excellent from show,she became a title CACC,it is a basis for german coursing championship,Bastian was the third and Randis after excellent second race stood on fourth place.

Draggi, Zodiak, Bastian

Molly, Julia, Janine, Randis

Also here we found new friends and in pleasant atmosphere we spent whole the day.

Adrianne, Bastian, Draggi, Molly, Randis, Janine, Julia, Zodiak

At about three o´clock we were in Plzeň and about ten o´clock we arrived home. It was very nice and we have thouth back on it.

Author: Eva Voborníková
Photos: Hana Voborníková, Ivana Říhová
Translator: Zuzana Máderová