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Grayrory´s Drama

She was born in Sweden to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Käck and she was in the fourth litter that has been bred at this breeding kennel. She has two sisters and five brothers. From her birth she was surrounded by lots of love and she was also a little wild scamp. When we saw her in action, hunting her master’s children among the glacial rocks and stunted birch trees we finally understood Mr. Ake’s words in one of his mails: “She is very brave, a bit too wild, she is kind of a small Swedish terrorist. We will send photos of her in the posture next time, she does not like standing at one place so we have problems to take a photo of her.” What was important for us was the pedigree of her mother Moonshell, in which there are dogs we like a lot and also the fact that Drama’s father was Troon Rolss Royce Silver Shadow, whose development we had carefully observed. Shadow comes from the same breeding kennel as Draggi’s father – from Mrs. Liv Vogt Johansen from Norway but Draggi is related to him only by the type of his exterior. Moonshell is very successful in coursing. The name Drama was given to this puppy on a request of Käck’s daughter Luisa. She has the same name as a small white tigress which was born in the zoo in Sweden in the summer of 2006. Her official name was changed at home to “randing”, after the mixture of colors on the bow she was wearing on her neck. Randing was just step from the name she got – Randis. So far, she is just a tot full of energy. Exterior: pointy muzzle, jumbled ears, four legs and a tail. She is always on the move and she is angry when something or someone is against her will.

Date of birth: 21.9. 2006

Shows, titles:Czech junior champion, Czech champion, Czech Grand champion
very promising, best puppy at club show in the Netherlands, excellent, CAJC, BOB, CAC (CZ, SK), CACA, r. CACIB, r. VDH, BOB at Club show CDC 2011

Coursing licence
res CACT

Sex: female
Registration number: ČMKU/D/165/-06/06
Colour: grey, shaded
Litter: 8

Offsprings: 7

Litter"C" Irater
Born: 26.06.2009
Father: Eimhir Dhourak Sense of Beauty

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