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Visiting ZOO in Brno 22. 07. 2007

On Sunday 22.7. we were in the Zoo in Brno.

Weather was fine, no rain and not so hot. At first we go to swim in the river and then we went to Zoo.

Draggi was two times here and he knew, what lies ahead, but he like it prepared himself for a nice day. But Molly and Randis were first time in Zoo.

"What is waiting for us?" was thinking our deerhound girls, "It isn´t show, our owner hadn´t any brush, but here are many people and some interesting smell, whatever our owner has prepared for us, some new deerhound´s fun?"

"We are sniffing and sniffing and there is a dotted cat, but it is so big ?" "Oh, it is another deerhound fun!" "And there is a strange sheep, we must look onto it ..." "And that is a strange big cow, but with humps ... Molly knows cows from her home, but this one!?" "And I am at home" said our Randis, when she had seen a elk. "Here is also a big chicken ..." "And there are also something like deer, we can hunt it, can´t we? We are really Scottish deerhounds!?"

At the end we got something sweet for us and we went home. We have to talk about our new deerhound fun.