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Slovak Republic championship - Coursing

On Sunday, the 3rd May, we drove on a coursing in Bratislava. Molly, Draggi and the terriers Gina and Bella were with us. Our dogs recognized the things, we were preparing - whether the ones for shows or those for coursing. And they reacted accordingly.

Derisek is not to be missed, no matter that his owner injured a muscle on the show in Ceske Budejovice, so being sentenced to walk with support for a while. Anyway, the other owner is still here! Stanislav released Derisek the first time and he did it wonderfully.

Draggi red, Dermot white, Molly blue
From: www.coursing.sk, author: Josef Kaffka

Our deerhound ran together, because no other deerhound had entered, but they do not mind, the opposite's true. They know each other and so they enjoyed their time.

Draggi and Molly

From: www.coursing.sk, author: Josef Kaffka

In the finish ...

From www.coursing.sk, author: Josef Kaffka

In the break, we just talked a lot. Gina spend the time educating her daughter.

Then the second run followed, the dog's colours were changed, but Molly kept hers.

Molly and Dermot

Molly and Dermot



Molly and Draggi

all three - Molly (first bush), Draggi (second bush) and DerĂ­sek





We've done some family photos just before the results were known.

Dermot (Draggi's son), Draggi, Molly (Draggi's nephew and therefore Dermot's cousin)

Dermot and Draggi

... when we look the same from the front,what about the back?

Molly, Draggi, Dermot

On the top off all this, the results.....
Molly beated the boys and got another Slovak CACT.

For the first time, we were running in Slovakia, Draggi beated his son Dermot and got res CACT.

1. Molly, 2. Draggi, 3. Dermot
From: www.coursing.sk, auhtor: Josef Kaffka

We enjoyed the day in the pleasant setting of the racing track of Petrzalka.

Draggi, Molly, Dermot

Our trip members.