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About us

When I was asking for the establishment of my breeding kennel back in 1994, choosing a name for it was an easy thing to do. It is made up by the names of our first two dogs – a Giant Schnauzer bitch called Ira and a wire-haired Dachshund dog, Terry. Therefore, the name is IRATER.

But let’s start from the beginning: before I got my own dog I had known all the names of the dogs in my street better than the names of my neighbours. I had been fascinated by all the books and movies about dogs’ stories, read special books on cynology and I had imagined what it would be like when I finally had my own dream dog. This became reality in 1967 when I got my first dog, a red English Cocker Spaniel named Aro. Unfortunately, my mother concluded that a dog could not stay in a flat in a panel house and therefore, he travelled to my grandmother’s family house with a large garden. At that time, I didn’t understand much about the mentality of hunting dogs, but today, I know that Aro was a very talented hunting dog. Unfortunately, really unsuitable as a companion pet dog. Aro was stolen to me by an unknown person in 1969 and in spite of all my effort I have never found out where and how he ended up.

In 1969, my family and I already lived in a family house with a huge garden where the conditions for breeding dogs were ideal. My parents bought me a six-month-old Giant Schnauzer bitch whose name in the pedigree was Ita od Popovky. She came to her first owner by train in a box under the name Ira od Popovky (puppies were not tattooed at that time). This name remained to her for all her life. Ira was for her former owner and breeder valueless because she had a malocclusion, which expelled her from breeding. For me, Ira was the best friend a 12-year-old girl could have wished for. We went through a professional training and learned a lot from each other. Ira passed the General Test in Training of the first degree (ZVV1) and also succeeded in obedience and protection in the General Test in Training of the second degree (ZVV2) and the Schutzhund Test (ZPO). She did not like tracking trails very much, but she was a champion in protecting. As members of the Giant Schnauzer Kennel Club in Brno, we were delegated to a series of competitions. Ira was exceptionally intelligent and understood all the new tricks very easily. On the other hand, it took me quite a long time to find out that she had made fun of me when she had been pretending for some time that the trick was not understandable to her. When going to a competition, I never knew what monkey business she would come up with and whether the obedience test would end up with 96 out of 100 points or only 56 points that day. She never failed in protection tests. The only problem was that she did not like to release the sleeve, which caused the loss of points. Ira left me in 1982 at the age of 13.

In 1969, the first wire-haired Dachshund called Terry Sariver came to our family. It was a wedding gift from my father. Terry became a legend – double champion in a kennel club competition in earthdog den trials, winner of the German Championship of Dachshunds in scent tracking etc. He was the first Dachshund in our family. After him we had his son Eron ze Skøivánèí, then Eron’s son Duf z Hraneèného žlebu and Duf’s son Andy od Cornsteina. Andy did not mate and thus, after Duf’s death in 2001, another “strange” Dachshund, called Fido Akcezal, appeared in our family. Dachshunds accompany my husband at work every day and they are his faithful companions both in the forest and in the office. They love their master and cannot stand, when they must be left at home sometimes. We have only dogs, so we do not occupy ourselves with the breeding of puppies.

When my Giant Schnauzer Ira died, there was no time or space for a new large dog. I had to care about my family and children and we were also moving from place to place. But deep inside my soul I longed for a really large dog. I have chosen an Irish Wolfhound. According to all I had read about it, Wolfhound was supposed to be a naturally intelligent family dog and its training for everyday needs was not so hard. Then, in 1990, I finished my job at a gardening company. I have started my own business and new opportunities opened to me. Nearly at the same time, a friend of mine offered me an Irish Wolfhound bitch called Afra zo Slovenska, which he had gained along with her sister Agáta from MVDr. Zaka, a breeder from Nitra. Although we were still living together with our children and two Dachshunds in a three-room flat, I did not hesitate and have never regretted. Afra got in the car each morning and we set out for work and meetings all around the Czech Republic. Her character was absolutely amazing and it was inherited by her children and children of their children. It was her character that has bound me with the Irish Wolfhounds.

In the year 1994, I bred the first litter of Irish Wolfhounds and kept a bitch called Aira Irater. In 1995, I bought a dog Benjamin Paluduz for both of my bitches. Despite the fact that he was originally determined to be for my own bitches he never became father of their puppies. Anyway, he had 58 offsprings altogether, with other bitches. After Afra’s death in 1999, his daughter Cassy Surycan became the fourth Irish Wolfhound in our family. Benjamin died on a day of his ninth birthday.

In 1997, a new member joined our pack of dogs. It was a member of the second wire-haired breed of the British greyhounds – a Scottish Deerhound bitch called, Enfant Terrible von der Oelmühle. In the year 2000, she bred her first litter of puppies and the second one in 2003. At this time, my teenage daughter Hana started to help me and she began to show Terry’s son Bran at a conformation dog shows and after him all the dogs we have. Terry introduced Deerhounds to our family and they took a firm position in it. Now, we intensively devote ourselves to the breeding of Deerhounds.

In the year 2005, the last of the Scottish breeds - Cairn Terrier joined our pack. It was a bitch named Gina Sparkling Heart’s who became our good house-elf and her personal charm has won over the hearts of all the family members.