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On Sunday 17.6. we were at our traditional club show in Náměšť nad Oslavou. We invited our friends from foreing countries. And was the nice surprise, that Lammert Stoker from the Netherlands, Paul and Rita Verstappen from Belgium, Liv Vogt Johansen and Kirsten Walvhold from Norway decided to visit our club show. At first came Lammert, Paul, Rita on friday evening. On saturday they went to Brno. Liv and Kirsten arrived to Prague on Saturday afternoon by plane and Hanka went for them. In the evening we prepared the special dinner for them - marinated beef tende. After dinner we were talking and talking …

Lammet were sleeping at the pension in the castle, the others were sleeping in Otradice, but on sunday they moved to pension in the castle.

On sunday we entered all our dogs without Terinka. At first was Baltazar as Namest´s wolf with small girl - called - Little Red Riding Hood and they gave out some small cakes for all visitors. Then the show started. Draggi was in working class, Randis in puppy class, Molly in young class. Without our deerhounds there were also Draggi´s puppies – two dogs an two bitches in young class, and daughter of our Beauty Patzy, son of our Terinka Baloo and daughter Banshee, daughter of our Bran Anette Grey and also came Draggi´s sister Deva – so we were like big family there. And the results?

Draggi was very good 1. Randis was very promising 1, Primus minor. Molly was excellent 1, CAJC and the best young deerhound (competition from puppy and young class). Ballo was first at champion class and he was excellent 1, CAC. Banshee was fourth in open class, Anette Grey was in open class and she was excellent 2, r. CAC, the first was Patzy Pawky Portia of Ditry Mind and she was also club winner and BOB. Deva was excellent 1, CAC in champion class.

And our Kesi? She was in veteran class, she was the oldest one, but she was showing like her father Benjamin. She was very good 3. It was very funny to see our Kesi in show ring, because out of the ring she was very active. After show Kesi was jumping and playing and she was very happy, because she has been very good actress.

The judging was very nice and the judge had very nice relation with all dogs. In many class you could see, which type he prefered.

In the evening we were in Otradice for very good czech dinner. On monday we were going to some special trip for our visitors – the Moravian karst. We have thought, that was very nice trip for them. Only Rita was staying in Namest with Deva and Hanka looked after Lammert´s dogs. They had also very nice day. In the evening we went again to Otradice and we were talking and talking … also about many stories from the life with our dogs. At night Lammert, Paul and Rita went home and in the morning we went for Liv and Kirsten and picked up them to Prague. We wanted to show them our capital city, but we didn´t have time, so we saw only Old Town Square with calendar-clock.

We are looking forward to another meeting, our friends!

Judge: Josef Das (Belgium)
Photos: Lammert Stoker, Liv Vogt Johansen, Karla Dubna, Hana Vobornikova