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Assing Irater Irsias

When on February 13th was born „A“ litter in the kennel Irsias of Mrs. Dagmar Tylšová, dam Anette Grey Fi It, daughter of our Bran, and sired by Cearbhall Liath of the Royal Club, son of Eileandour Dhourak, I was sure, that one of Bran´s granchilds and Terinka´s grandgrandchilds will be a future member of our pack. I was at the mating and whelping, so the puppies have been little like my puppies… Our choice was small Assing, called Asi at our home. „Asi“ in Czech it is „Maybe“ in English, so he is our Maybedog. All our deerhounds love him and they have become his teachers. Randis and Molly teach him how to make dirty tricks, Draggi teaches him how to become deerhound gentleman, Baltazar and Kesi save him. At this moment, he is growing up very quickly, he is cute and sweet, maybe he will be nice sometime ...

Date of birth: 13.02.2008

Shows, titles: Czech juniorchampion, Czech champion, Czech Grand champion, Club champion of CDC, Slovak champion, Winner of beauty and performance, EUROSIGHTHOUNDWINNER 2010
very promising, Primus minor, excellent, CAJC, CAC, CACA, CACIB, BOB, Best dog by Hector Heathcote, Club winner, Winner of Sighthound Specialty, National winner

Coursing licence
CCLA, CACT, res. CACT, Coursing winner 2010
3.place - European championship 2011
4.place - European championship 2011

Stud dog

Sex: male
Registration number: ČMKU/D/171/08/09
Colour: grey, shaded
Litter: 8

Offsprings: 8

Litter "D" Irater
Date of birth: 10.09.2011
Mother: Carrie Randis Irater